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Light Chasing: A Photographer’s Guide to the Golden Hour

Silhouette of a woman basking in the glow of the golden hour, perfectly capturing the essence of light chasing photography by Bee Bee Videos. Specializing in bringing out the beauty of Coimbatore through natural light and candid moments


Every photographer in Coimbatore, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic beginners, understands that the golden hour—those magical moments just after sunrise or before sunset—provides a natural, diffused light that can transform ordinary landscapes into breathtaking scenes. In this guide, Bee Bee Videos will explore how to harness this wondrous light to enhance your photography, particularly focusing on the lush landscapes and urban backdrops of Coimbatore.

Understanding the Golden Hour

What is the Golden Hour?

The golden hour occurs shortly after sunrise and before sunset, when the sun is low in the sky, producing a soft, warm, and diffused light. This light adds a quality to photographs that can’t be replicated under normal daylight conditions.

Why is Golden Hour Special?

Soft Shadows and Highlights: Reduces the contrast between highlights and shadows.

Warm Glow: Adds a golden hue that makes everything look more vibrant.

Flattering Portraits: Skin tones look soft, warm, and natural without harsh shadows.

Photographer capturing the serene beauty of Coimbatore's golden hour by the beach, showcasing the planning and precision of Bee Bee Videos. Specializing in natural light and candid wedding photography

Planning for the Golden Hour

Knowing Your Timings

Use apps or websites like Golden Hour Calculator to find out the exact time of golden hour in Coimbatore. Planning is crucial because this magical light lasts for only a short period.

Scouting Locations

Botanical Gardens: Capture the interplay of light through varied foliage.

Race Course: Offers expansive backgrounds with dynamic skies.

Gandhipuram Rooftops: For urban skyline shots that glow under the golden hour light.

Equipment Checklist

Tripod: Essential for stability during low light conditions.

Lens Hood: To avoid lens flare and maintain color integrity.

Reflectors: Useful for portrait shots to direct light effectively.

Techniques to Master Golden Hour Photography

Exposure Adjustments

Adjust your exposure settings to capture the range of tones during golden hour without losing detail in both shadows and highlights.

Using the Right Aperture

A wider aperture can harness more light and create a soft background blur that makes your subject stand out.

Creative with Shadows

Use the longer shadows cast during golden hour to add depth and interest to your compositions.

Capturing Coimbatore in Golden Light

Landscape Photography

Nilgiri Mountains: Capture the rolling hills and tea plantations basked in golden light.

Noyyal River: The reflections and gentle flow of the river can create serene landscape shots.

Camera poised on a tripod capturing the breathtaking landscapes of Coimbatore's serene valleys, a signature of Bee Bee Videos. Specializing in landscape, wedding, and candid photography

Urban Scenes

Town Hall Area: The colonial architecture can look particularly dramatic under the warm hues of sunset.

Kovai Kutralam Falls: An early morning shoot can capture the soft mist and lush surroundings.

Portrait Photography

Organize shoots with local models or clients during this time to add a stunning quality to your portfolio with the flattering golden hour glow.

Post-Processing Tips

Enhancing Warmth

Slightly adjust the temperature and tint sliders in your editing software to enhance the natural golden tones without over-saturating.

Balancing Light

Use gradient filters in post-processing to balance the sky and land, which can often have differing light levels during golden hour.

Couple sharing a romantic moment under sparkling lights, showcasing the warmth and joy of their love in this beautiful candid wedding shot by Bee Bee Videos. Enhancing the magic of wedding photography in Coimbatore with personalized and memorable moments


Golden Hour in Coimbatore offers unique opportunities to capture the beauty of both nature and urban landscapes with a magical quality. Bee Bee Videos tells you, Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a hobbyist interested in exploring new techniques, the golden hour provides the perfect lighting conditions to elevate your photography.

FAQs About Golden Hour Photography

What is the best time to start shooting during golden hour?
Start shooting 20 minutes before the actual golden hour to set up and be ready as the light changes rapidly.

Can I shoot golden hour portraits in urban areas?
Absolutely, urban settings can provide a striking backdrop with reflective surfaces and interesting shadows.

How do I handle the quick change in light?
Keep your camera settings adaptable, and use manual mode to quickly change exposure as the light evolves.

What should I wear for a golden hour photo shoot?
Choose outfits that complement the warm tones of the golden hour for stunning portraits.

How can I use golden hour light for wedding photography?
Schedule couple portraits during this time to capture intimate and beautifully lit photos that will stand out in their wedding album.

Harnessing the golden hour can transform your photography, adding a layer of depth and emotion to your images that makes them truly stand out.

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